My name is Timothy Massey. I've been a professional IT consultant and programmer since 1992. I started and co-owned a computer consulting business for 20 years which successfully grew to a staff of 14 people.

However, the larger we grew, the less effective our solutions became. I found that at a certain point, you won't be able to treat each customer as a unique relationship. And that without that deep understanding of each and every business, your ability to meet their needs suffers. In the end, those lauded “economies of scale” really mean that you have to push your customers more and more into an assembly-line one-size-fits-all mold.

And I hated that.

Fluid Tech Services was started in 2017. My focus is to create an individual, personal relationship with each customer. Only then can we provide business-focused solutions that best fit your business needs. After all, it's not the technology that's important: it's your business.

But that doesn't mean that Fluid Technical Services can't work with technology. I have extensive experience in a wide variety of technology. Here are just a very few highlights:

  • Networking
    • 30+ Remote locations all seamlessly tied to multiple HQ-level locations with redundant connectivity
  • Virtualization
    • Redundant VMware/XenApp clusters on blade-level hardware with dedicated SAN
  • Collaboration
    • Exchange and SharePoint hybrid on-prem, Azure and Office 365 configuration supporting 500+ users
  • VoIP
    • Single integrated Asterisk PBX system for multiple locations across two continents
  • Long-term Project: Data and Work Product / Project Management System
    • Created a successful work product and document management system with continually-measured milestone-based progress over a 3 year timeframe and continuous use by a 50-member team with minimal maintenance for more than 15 years

Of course, I have extensive experience with customers as small as one person working from home! Some IT professionals might roll their eyes at such a small client – after all, there isn't much room for technology. But when you're focused on business needs rather than cool toys, there's plenty of room to provide the right business solution.

And that's what Fluid Tech Services does. Provide technical solutions to your business needs.

Get in touch and see how we can help you today.